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Body Treatments

For our body treatments we will discuss your body issues and concerns, and your expectations of your treatment in a consultation. We want to give you the best results possible, and therefore we will create a bespoke treatment plan  that best suits you and your goals, time frame and budget.

Results may vary*

A 50% deposit will be required for all body courses

3D Fat Freezing
This treatment is perfect for getting rid of those stubborn pockets of fat. With the use of temperature, the contents of fat cells are pinpointed and lowered to -6C causing them to crystalize. They are then disposed of through the lymphatic system. Combine this treatment with Radio Frequency Skin Tightening for even better results.
Starting from £195 

Contact us today to create your own bespoke 3D Body course


Contra-indications (All body treatments)

  • Pregnancy, Recent pregnancy or breast feeding

  • Heart conditions including pacemaker

  • Thrombosis or thrombophlebitis

  • Anticoagulant medication

  • Skin thinning medication

  • History of cancer

  • Metal prosthesis or implants

  • Diabetes

  • Epilepsy

  • Auto immune conditions


Cavitation Contra-Indications

  • Transplant surgery

  • Kidney or liver impairment

  • Only 1 kidney

  • Excess alcohol

Radio-Frequency Contra-Indications

  • Transplant Surgery

  • Keloid Scarring

  • Photosensitive Medication

  • Recent Skin Peeling

Fat Freezing Contra-Indications

  • Transplant Surgery

  • Kidney or liver impairment

  • Only 1 kidney

  • Excess alcohol

  • Water retention

  • Raynaud's

Shockwave Contra-Indications

  • Coagulation disorders (Haemophilia)

  • Cortisone therapy - leave 6 weeks before treatment

  • Osteoporosis

  • Metal pins or plates near working area (Incl Coil)

  • Prosthesis

HIFU Contra-Indications

Skin cancer

Infection or skin sensitivity in the area

Fragile or excessive dryness

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