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Signature Treatment

With no downtime and only 2 visits to the clinic, we can perform your liquid face lift.


3 Areas of Botox


Nasolabial folds (Smile Lines)

Lip Filler

Jawline & Chin if required

Package starting from


The Liquid Face Lift

Harley Street Trained Aesthetics  | Advanced Aesthetics Practitioner

Complimentary 30 minute consultation 

"10 years younger in less than 2 hours and only 2 clinic visits!"

Male Enhancements

Male Masculinisation Package

Men are scientifically proven to be considered more sexually desirable if they display wide features, such as the chin, jawline, or sharp cheekbones.

The male masculinisation package is designed to enhance.

The average male needs around 9ml but we can work with 6ml

6ml £999

7ml £1150

8ml £1500

9ml £1420

Muscle Relaxing Injections

Dermal Fillers

Fat Dissolving

PHOTO-2022-03-16-13-19-27 2.jpg

Contour Package

2ml  £320

3ml £450

4ml £580

5ml £690

Dermal Treatments

Lips 1ml     £250

Extra 1ml  £100

Chin          £200

Cheek From £200

Jaw From  £200

Small Area POA

Medium Area POA

Large Area POA

Skin Booster



1 Area £120

2 Areas £170

3 Areas £250

Bunny Lines £80

Flip Lip £50


1 Area £180

2 Areas £250

3 Areas £280

Bunny Lines £100

1 Shot £30

2 Shots £50

Course of 5 Shots £100

£250 Per treatment

2 Treatments required (4 Week apart)

Vitamin B12

Satisfaction Guarantee

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